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Hanging banner 3D-002
Hanging banner 3D-002
Hanging banner 3D-002
Hanging banner 3D-002

Hanging banner 3D-002


Hot sale Hanging banner 3D-002

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Hanging banner 3D-002:

Hanging banners, or ceiling displays are one of the attention grabbers to your trade show booth. With different sizes, our square hanging banners can meet your various needs. The aluminum tubes are lightweight yet durable, which makes it easy for transportation. You can install them without tools. The tension fabric graphic can also be customized.

Hanging banner 3D-002 Specifications:

Size:           10'(304.8cm).D/ 8'(243.8cm).BD x 3.5'(106.7cm).H 
                  14'(462.7cm).D / 12'(365.8cm).BD x 4'(121.9cm).H  
                  15'(457.2cm).D / 13'(396.2cm).BD x 4'(121.9cm).H
Net weight:       9.81kg 
Gross weight:   12.9kg  
Outer carton size:  L37 x W22 x H172 (cm)   
                              L37 x W22 x H172 (cm)   
                              L42 x W22 x H182 (cm)

Trade Show Hanging Banner 3D-002 advantages:

Portable and light weight 
Easy to assemble and disassemble
Diverse size & style 
Visible from long distance


Our Advantages:

1. Factory direct price

2. USA 3-D bending machine support

3. High precision digital printer-(D.gen from Korea) support

4. Various shape, including common shape and custom shape

5. Credible with a decade of exhibition experience


Trade Show Hanging Banner 3D-002 Installation Details:

First, install the whole aluminum frame.

Connect the frame tubes by snaps easily according to our corresponding number labels.
Second, install the whole graphic fabric.

Just slide tension fabric from the frame bottom to the top like a pillow case and close it by the zipper. 
Third, connect the circle screws to the frame holes on top side.

Then you can hang the banner with the rope.





exhibiton display aluminum tube.jpgxhibiton display aluminum tube 2.jpg






Optional package:





Our hanging banners:


hanging banner.jpg


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