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Hot Lighted Trade Show Stands in Serigrafia Sign Future Textil

Serigrafia Sign Future Textil 2017 had a perfect ending on July 15th. And as one China exhibitor in this exhibition, Hawk Display¡¯s two trade show display products are welcomed by many visitors. One is lighted trade show counter 3D-99GS and the other one is lighted SEG pop up stand.

Lighted Trade show counter 3D-99GS

This trade show counter is a combination of lights and 3D-99GS. With light design on the bottom and top panel, the whole trade show counter can light well. And there is a button on the power line, so you can turn on and turn off the light easily. Due to 3D-99GS is a folding trade show counter, so it is portable for you to display and carry the trade show counter.

Lighted SEG Pop up Stand

Compared with other lighted trade show display background stands, this lighted SEG pop up stand of Hawk Display is more portable. With folding aluminum frame, it can package quickly and easily. With SEG graphic design, the whole graphic is flat. In terms of light design, the whole frame can show your brand or products well. Surely, the cost is cheaper than others.


Are you interested in these lighted trade show display stands? If yes and want to know more information about these trade show display stands, email to info@hawkdisplay.com