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Hot Sale Tension Fabric Stands

In recent years, Exhilite brand of Hawk Display is hot and its tension fabric stands are welcomed by more and more people. If you need to attend an exhibition or need to carry a promotion or advertising activities, it is wise to use a trade show tension fabric stand.


First, it is very portable to use a trade show tension fabric stand

With aluminum tube frame, the whole tension fabric stand is lightweight. With vivid graphic, the product can show your brand or products well.


Second, the craft of trade show tension fabric stand is wonderful

Besides the support of advanced foreign machines, like imported 3-D bending machine, Korea high precision digital printers, Hawk Display¡¯s tension fabric stands also get the support of professional production and tailoring workers. There is no doubt the craft of trade show tension fabric stand is wonderful.


Third, the shapes and sizes of tension fabric stand is unlimited

To meet different tastes of different customers, Exhilite can offer all kinds of tension fabric stands with different size and shapes. The size can be small, can be large. The shapes can be unique, and which also can be common.


With global network of Hawk Display in Germany, Canada, Australia, Dubai, USA, Hokong, customers can enjoy comprehensive dispatching service and installation service easily.