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Choose A Suitable Booth for Your Trade Show

When attending an exhibition, there is no doubt that an eye catching & unique trade show booth will get more visitors. Compared with other materials, the tension fabric trade show booths with wrinkle resistant fabrics and portable aluminum tube frame are welcomed more.

And there is a large selection of portable tension fabric trade show booths.How to choose the suitable one? You can choose the suitable one according your taste based on shapes and functions. As a china leading professional supplier of trade show display products, Hawk Display can offer lots of portable trade show booths.

First, simple trade show booth combined with some single tension fabric display units.In this type, this trade show booth are easy and quick to install. with optional magazine rack and wood panel, you can display your brochures or small products well.

Second,trade show booths with an arch.In this type,trade show booth is mainly combined by a trade show background stand and a tension fabric arch. This trade show booth is easy to add TV rack, and you can light your booth with TV.

Third, customized trade show booth. In this type, you can have a trade show booth with perfect design.Know more, welcome to email to info@hawkdisplay.com