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Book Booth of Hawk Display in SGI Dubai 2017 Advanced!

During 15-17January, Hawk Display will attend SGI DUBAI 2017. It is said that Hawk Display will sell its booth after exhibition with cheap price. Now anyone can book this booth early, but the booth only one. So if you are interested in it, just do not miss this chance.

It is said, Hawk 4x6 trade show booth in SGI DUBAI is mainly a combination of new SEG pop up displays. Compared with other traditional pop up display, these SEG pop up display are easily to install due to whose fabric can be inserted in the new aluminum profile of this frame quickly. And in these SEG pop up displays, some pop up display can give out light with its inner LED bar design. Besides these new pop up display, the whole trade show booth also includes other new trade show display products, like two foldable trade show counter 3D-99GS with new lighting design. And the booth may also include a feather flag, a magazine rack and a frameless light box.

It is also reported that the whole booth will cost less than $2500 if you make an advanced order. And the price maybe includes all structures fabrics and accessories cost, like lamps, TV racks and package bags. To thanks your support and trust, Hawk's exhibitors will offer free package service for you at the ending of the exhibition.

Know more related information about this trade show booth, you can email Hawk Display with info@hawkdisplay.com. Surly, you are also welcomed to visit Hawk Display¡¯s booth during exhibition time. Hawk's booth F40 will be in Hall 8 at Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE.