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Don¡¯t Make These Mistakes in an Exhibition

Attending an exhibition as a good way to expand business is welcomed by many companies. But whatever they are new or experienced exhibitors, they will make some mistakes, and for the most part, they're all avoidable.  

Here are some mistakes that exhibitors often makes, let¡¯s see and try our best to avoid it in our next exhibition.

1)   Bad Graphics and Text:

If you had visited an exhibition, you would find that some companies represented themselves at trade show with messy products and graphics display. A less than professional appearance would not give customers prospect confidence. And no one was cared about your all stories, so please far away too much text and just display your main features with simple text, like Exhilite trade show booths.

2)   Inform your presence at trade shows too little:

Besides new visitors at scene in exhibition, the old customers and potential customers is important for exhibitors too. But many companies often promote their presence at the show less. Why not use various platforms to inform your exhibition and attract more people to visit your booth? Surely, telling your trade show appearance by using emails is good too. And just sending invites directly to your old customers and including who you may not have connected with in the past.

3) Much contents in brochure

Brochure is an essential tool to show your brand and products. And almost every company has literatures in exhibition. But some brochures from companies are often thick, which is not convenient for carry and read. So just bring small brochures to the exhibition booth, and write ¡°Show Sample¡± on a copy of your literature to display at the show, and then get your direct contact email and websites after the show.

4)   Failing to Follow Up on Leads

As we all know, there is a shocking number of exhibitors fail to follow up on leads they generate at events, which really makes you wonder what they're doing there in the first place. Don't waste those opportunities. Exhibitors should write down the different products that different visitors interested in, and then send related emails to them after trade show as soon as possible. At the same time, do remember that the continuous connecting is necessary.